What Are Hybrid Automotives?

The vehicles that use two power sources in conjunction with one another are called hybrid automotives or hybrid vehicles. The history of hybrid power technology is very old. It dates back to the time when diesel electric submarines were first used.The idea is quite simple, use two power sources to increase the overall efficiency.
Now the question arises that why it was needed. The answer is simple, it was realized that an average person would not be able to afford gasoline in the near future. CO2 emissions will also increase similarly an average person does not require a V8, he/she just needs enough power to reach his destination in time. A V8 as well as a small vehicle can accomplish this. So the hybrid vehicle was introduced.How it works?The hybrid vehicle works by using electric as well as gasoline power. Diesel electric vehicles are also there but there numbers are quite low. The hybrid vehicle works by using electric power when the requirement for engine power is low for example when starting the vehicle and up to the speed of 30-40 mph as the electric source cannot run a vehicle by itself.What is the basic idea behind Hybrid automotives?The basic idea is to use a smaller lightweight engine to run a vehicle up to a required speed and when the car has to accelerate then the electric source can add some extra power to gain more speed. As a 1.0 liter engine can also move at 75 mph just like a V8 although the V8 has more acceleration power so why waste fuel on a muscle car when a 1.0-liter vehicle can work for you.Types of Gasoline Hybrid VehiclesThere are two main types of gasoline hybrid vehicles: parallel hybrid car and series hybrid car. The series hybrid car uses the gasoline engine to turn a generator that can either charge the batteries or run an electric motor whereas the parallel hybrid car can combine the two power sources to give more power or the same amount of power but with a better mileage.Body Structure of Hybrid VehiclesNow the question arises how the hybrid vehicle can deliver these types of performances when they have such a small engine. They do so by using lightweight materials like carbon fiber composites, low-rolling resistance tires and advanced aerodynamics to reduce drag. The hybrids can even turn the gasoline engine off when not needed such as when stopping at traffic lights. Some vehicles even use the electric power to gain a speed of 30 to 40 KM/h. Some vehicles also use regenerative braking. By this method when breaks are applied, the car decreases the speed by cutting some amount of power. This power is then used by the generator to generate electric power that can be stored for later use.The price of these vehicles start from 23000$ and they reach up to 54000$. There are some hybrid SUVs are also available in the market.