Bonsai Marketing

Site location analysis of regional service areas and planning for mobile businesses is just as important as choosing a fixed site for any business. The region must be scouted out whether you are simply adding another service unit or deciding to open an entire new marketing area. Now, assuming that you have decided to go for it and open a new territory, you must send in a scout. You must take the high tech data and then move your marketing ability in the right direction. Much like any well thought out military advancement, you need to find out what we will be dealing with, so you gather even more intelligence. Here are some of the information you must need to know. Lets assume you are in a automotive mobile maintenance business for this discussion, each type of business might have different parameters, but this will help you in your development of your own plan. First you must know where your customers are, you need to scout and locate;Retail AreasOffice ParksLarge Industrial AreasMajor EmployersUpper Middle Class AreasRetail centers provide a good source of income. Typically, such centers contain:Insurance OfficesBakeriesHair SalonsTravel AgenciesDeli’sThese are among some of the good clients for a mobile automotive business. Another major benefit of working in retail centers is that you will get lots of walk-up customers and hand out lots of business cards. You couldn’t ask for better exposure, nor could a small business buy any better advertising.Multi tenant office parks and complexes are also great because of the high density of business consumers. Most people who work are too busy to do things themselves. Since they are gainfully employed, you know they have the money. Once you do the service on their cars, others will see you out of their office windows. Next thing you know, you are flush with new customers and potentially every car in the parking lot. It is also very easy to take orders when walking door to door, since each door is only a few yards apart. (High density = High profit when it comes to office complexes.)Major employers are also great because one company will have 100-2500 employees. One company might represent one day’s work per week. These companies also have company pool cars. Large companies usually have company vehicles as well. The competition, the fixed auto businesses, also do their home work when doing site analysis and map out their greatest clientele. They too are interested in return on investment and they have a lot to lose if they are wrong. They usually hire professional car wash consultants who look at the following criteria:DemographicsCorrect ZoningLot SizeVisibilityTraffic CountTraffic SpeedIngress And EgressAdjacent SurroundingsExisting Site PlansSpace For Repair or service workCompetition (Three Mile Radius)Car Values In The AreaIn their demographic studies they look for:Population Of AreaHome Owners Versus RentersAge Of PopulationNumber Of VehiclesAverage Driving TimeThey constantly worry about what competition was there first and how strong the competition’s customer base is. They look at the competition’s image. Is it a well kept facility, clean plant, well running equipment, good management and a modern building?They try to make their business convenient. But the fixed auto businesses can never be as convenient as mobile because they can’t move it around. Therefore, they rely on location, location, location. Obviously, they can’t compete with a mobile business; After all, we have every location any time we want it. Needless to say, areas around car washes are usually great areas in which to wash cars and it is so much fun to take their market share. It’s easy too. No Prisoners.Industrial areas are very important as well. There you will find distribution companies, small trucking companies and the bulk of your fleet accounts. The easiest way to find an industrial area is to follow a freeway or railroad track. Industrial areas are where you will find cement trucks, tractors and various loading equipment.Many cities will have other bonuses such as:AirportsBus TerminalsHarborsTrain DepotsMilitary BasesCollege CampusesLarge Government BuildingsThese areas will require special sales letters and are also high profit centers. You would be well advised to consider these areas target markets as well. When scouting an area, it is important to gather lots of information and receive help from as many places as possible. Just because you run a mobile business instead of a fixed site business is no reason not to do your homework and scout out the areas.

What Are Hybrid Automotives?

The vehicles that use two power sources in conjunction with one another are called hybrid automotives or hybrid vehicles. The history of hybrid power technology is very old. It dates back to the time when diesel electric submarines were first used.The idea is quite simple, use two power sources to increase the overall efficiency.
Now the question arises that why it was needed. The answer is simple, it was realized that an average person would not be able to afford gasoline in the near future. CO2 emissions will also increase similarly an average person does not require a V8, he/she just needs enough power to reach his destination in time. A V8 as well as a small vehicle can accomplish this. So the hybrid vehicle was introduced.How it works?The hybrid vehicle works by using electric as well as gasoline power. Diesel electric vehicles are also there but there numbers are quite low. The hybrid vehicle works by using electric power when the requirement for engine power is low for example when starting the vehicle and up to the speed of 30-40 mph as the electric source cannot run a vehicle by itself.What is the basic idea behind Hybrid automotives?The basic idea is to use a smaller lightweight engine to run a vehicle up to a required speed and when the car has to accelerate then the electric source can add some extra power to gain more speed. As a 1.0 liter engine can also move at 75 mph just like a V8 although the V8 has more acceleration power so why waste fuel on a muscle car when a 1.0-liter vehicle can work for you.Types of Gasoline Hybrid VehiclesThere are two main types of gasoline hybrid vehicles: parallel hybrid car and series hybrid car. The series hybrid car uses the gasoline engine to turn a generator that can either charge the batteries or run an electric motor whereas the parallel hybrid car can combine the two power sources to give more power or the same amount of power but with a better mileage.Body Structure of Hybrid VehiclesNow the question arises how the hybrid vehicle can deliver these types of performances when they have such a small engine. They do so by using lightweight materials like carbon fiber composites, low-rolling resistance tires and advanced aerodynamics to reduce drag. The hybrids can even turn the gasoline engine off when not needed such as when stopping at traffic lights. Some vehicles even use the electric power to gain a speed of 30 to 40 KM/h. Some vehicles also use regenerative braking. By this method when breaks are applied, the car decreases the speed by cutting some amount of power. This power is then used by the generator to generate electric power that can be stored for later use.The price of these vehicles start from 23000$ and they reach up to 54000$. There are some hybrid SUVs are also available in the market.

Co-Branding in Automotive Service Businesses

In a world of co-branding, point of destination strategies and co-op marketing; all industries are evolving and diversifying to capture greater profits within a single brick and mortar location. The same strategies are used on the Internet only you can see it happen faster in real time on Internet web sites. In general much of the new thinking has been customer driven due to lifestyle changes, low unemployment, time factors and quality of life issues of the consumer.If you look at which now sells tapes, records and toys when previously it was strictly a books sales site. It can quickly add new revenue streams by offering it’s customer base more reasons to buy more things. Do you to see the revolutionizing effect of this trend? We have on-line search engines being paid million dollars from car companies and furniture companies for their industries exclusive rights to e-commerce directly on those sites. As Starbucks begins to sell house wares on their web site, and Home Depots add McDonalds inside their stores and Bank of Wal-Mart opening it’s own brand of bank within its 5 superstores; you have to think that ‘express detailing’ at car washes is simply a natural. progression.Many professional detailers would disagree saying these types of services are different animals. Some complain that fixed site car washes have ruined the true definition of the term detailing. Yet if you look closely this is nothing more than true capitalism in a free market system generating additional revenues with existing resources.Think about it for a minute. Professional Detailing Centers often do glass repair, window tinting, pin-striping and graphics, gold plating, ozone treatment, dent repair, color sanding, upholstery repair, wood grain paneling, and even after market auto accessories. These are all industries in their own right and these industry leaders with their own definitions and trade publications and accepted operational procedures complain about other competitors in other market sectors offering similar services as professional detailers. They say we are stealing their customers and not providing the same quality workmanship as the craftsmen do in those industries, which may or may not be true.For example a person specializing in upholstery repair for twenty years can obviously do a better quality job than a detailer on fabrics of almost any type. You are affecting his bottom line with an inferior service since you don’t have 20 years experience in upholstery repair understanding the dynamics of thirty different types of fabric, dyes, and manufacturers suggestions for preservation. Should he be mad at you for offering a greater array of service to you customers? No, the upholstery craftsman will need to have his own set of value added services and products he can offer to his customers such as removing and replacing seats and headliners and using the highest grade fabrics and stainless steel screws. You must have a specialty or an area of expertise, but you must also understand and then cater to the needs and more importantly the wants and desires of your customer. If you don’t know their wants and needs, ask your customers directly in an informal survey or indirectly during conversations. If you fail to honor this advice, that’s okay your customer will be serviced by your competition instead. Think about it.