Why Ford Motor Company Is Losing Market Share Fast To Hyundai

Hyundai is fast taking over the American automotive landscape. They originally targeted GM and Ford, but now have Honda, Toyota and even luxury automotive names like Lexus and Acura in their sites. Ford has tried to keep up by purchasing Jaguar and reinventing the classic GT40, but it cannot keep up as these are small profit areas and Fords bread and butter was its Taurus in the 80s and early 90s. It lost this market share to Honda and Toyota in the 90s. Ford is trying to reinvent itself and find a new profitable niche, but it appears that the time for its demise is soon approaching.Ford Motor Co. announced just this last week that it was going to cut another 30,000 or so workers, shut down several plants and cut production by over 20 percent. That is not a good sign. They even announced that they will be giving some dealers the boot. That is an even worse indicator. A cardinal rule of business according to the Harvard Business Review is that you never cut your sales force except to replace them with a more effective sales force. Else all you will do is reduce your sales. While Ford is closing down and circling its wagons, Hyundai is opening more dealers and rewarding and paying its sales staff better than ever.If you have a good sales staff or organization and you reward them properly they can sell anything to anybody. Look, when Hyundai started selling in America, people were leary, there were new upstarts Kia and Daewoo was going down the drain. People did not trust or even want to consider Hyundai. Even with great incentives and a longer warranty they were not selling well. Then Hyundai revamped things and focused solely on its sales. According to Hyundai Motor America (HMA) President and CEO, OK Suk (Owen) Koh:We knew that our sales would make us or break us so we made that our number one issue. We took every thing positive that was being done in the entire industry and brought it all together at Hyundai. From innovation and new technology like Toyota to owner loyalty like Lexus. We knew that if we did this and kept sales as our top priority that we would come out on top.Basically, Hyundai is gunning for top sales in America and worldwide and companies that cannot keep up, like Ford, are destined to fall unless they take drastic steps or measures.Instead of cutting its production and, more importantly, its sales staff and dealerships, Ford should focus on fixing the problem. By cutting back you will only make it worse. What Ford needs to do is rekindle itself with the younger generation. It has tried and failed miserably. Expensive ads on American Idol didn’t work, reinventing the mustang has not yielded the results that were expected. It is time to get help. What Ford needs is a new leader. One that could easily revamp their product line and reputation and bring them back from the brink. Lee Iacocca, was the wonder boy of Chrysler. He brought them out of the same identical financial hole. Bill Ford is not and will not ever be capable of this. This is true in most mega rich and entrepreneurial families, the kids will never attain 1 millionth of the accomplishments of their fathers. They don’t have the ability or the drive. It isn’t in them. It isn’t something you are born with, its something you learn through experience. What Ford desperately needs is Steve Jobs.Steve Jobs has become one of the greatest success stories of all time. In the 70s and 80s he created Apple Computer and dominated the personal computer market. In the 90s he came back and brought Apple back from the brink and then he created and dominated the personal music player industry with the iPod. He also created Pixar animation studios and has dominated that area. Steve Jobs has the uncanny ability to take companies in entirely different fields and make them super successful. Ford and the automotive industry would be a cake walk for him. So, Ford, here is a bonafide guaranteed solution to your problems. Get rid of Mr. Ford and do whatever it takes to get Steve Jobs on board. You will then be able to open plants, increase the number of dealers, and increase jobs. Someone should email this article to Ford before it is too late.

Customized Automotive Foam Suppliers Provide Protective Cushioning

Thanks to technological advancements made by NASA in the 60s, dense foam material, which was used in orbital vehicles, eventually came to be used for car seats, marine flotation devices, and as cushioning for medical equipment and bedding. Today, auto manufacturers rely on the materials and products offered by automotive foam suppliers for use in automobile seating and headrests, and foam is also utilized to cushion any impacts during accidents.Most automotive padding is made of polyurethane materials, as they offer a high degree of density and viscosity. Because this kind of material is reactive to pressure and body heat, it conforms well to use in a variety of furniture and seats. Use of the material also lessens noise inside of a motor vehicle and adds to a more comfortable drive, especially if you must sit for hours at a time.Molding and Shaping the MaterialFortunately, memory-type materials can be cut and shaped in a variety of ways so they can be easily incorporated into automotive seats or other furnishings. All you need to do is work with the supplier in formulating a plan for cutting the material. How the substance is cut and used is dependent on its density and it malleability. Different materials exhibit different properties, and those factors must be taken into consideration before a block of material is molded or shaped for use. While some materials are designed primarily for cushioning, others are made for the sole purpose of safety. Working with a company that is well versed in the applications of foam products in engineering enables manufacturers to find the exact product that will fit their production needs.Types of CushioningEvery manufacturer has its own preferences with respect to cushioning. Foam is available in a number of varieties, including viscoelastic, fabricated, gel, self-skinning, and rigid urethane options. In addition, automotive foam suppliers provide automakers with such services as fabrication, molding and cutting, and sewing. Engineering support also features computer-aided design (CAD), tooling development, prototyping, and assessment of physical properties.Self-Skinning MaterialsIn the automotive industry, self-skinning fabrics are often used for headrests. The fabric features a high-density layer on the outside that safeguards a lower density core within the material. You will also see the material used in the production of baby seats and other forms of protective and safety padding. Armrests, office chairs, and even keyboard trays will contain the material. The self-skinning material is even used in the making of stage props, shoe soles, mattresses and medical instruments.Molded, High-Resilience OfferingsWith respect to seating, HR fabrics, or molded, high-resilience foam, is made at a density of 3.0 to 4.0 pounds pcf (per cubic foot). The fabric is made to outfit the cushioning for office seating and furniture. The material is also an ideal choice for customization, as it can be fabricated, molded, and cut for a variety of uses. Automotive cushions, marine flotation devices, office furniture, and mass transit seating all make use of the strong and multipurpose fabric.

Automotive Repair Training Correspondence Course

Automotive repair training is one of the most practical courses you could ever take. Like good teachers, doctors and chefs, anywhere in the world you are, there will always be a need of people who good at repairing cars.One of the most frustrating (and sometimes frightening ) thing for drivers is the times when their vehicles breakdown in busy traffic or on lonely country roads. And what is worse, is hiring auto mechanics who are no good and hence are unable to solve the problems.It is no surprise that some so called auto technicians or auto mechanics have no previous training. They have learned how to “fix cars” by watching their dads work on their cars.Whilst experience is a great teacher, it does help a mechanic to become more skillful if he had automotive repair training. Such training lays out the theory and practical aspects of repairing an engine.One must remember that the car engines of today are a lot more complex that 20 years ago. There are sophisticated computer systems, braking systems and suspensions. An auto mechanic needs to keep abreast with rapidly changing auto technologies.Automotive repair training gives aspiring mechanics up to date knowledge of the modern day engine and how to solve the problems such engines experience. This training can be done entirely via correspondence. The course materials are delivered right to the door of the student.What is more, getting this training via correspondence is a time saver – it allows the student the opportunity to study in his spare time whilst getting vital on the job experience.If a career in car engine repair intrigues you, seek quality online schools that offer car repair training online or via correspondence. Look for schools that have been around for a while and have a proven track record.